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A heart-warming true story from Aotearoa New Zealand

     Best Friends Never Give Up       

One fine morning, Alayne watches Tia and Charlie wander down the garden wagging their tails and sniffing the grass. But only Charlie returns. What has happened to Tia?


This sophisticated picture book tells the story of a missing dog, a best friend, and the community who help them.


 “Don’t give up. Let’s keep looking. We’ll all help.”

Thank you to everyone who bought Best Friends Never Give Up in the last few weeks before Christmas.

A donation of $100.00 ($2 per book sold) will be making its way to the Go Give One Campaign.

This campaign buys COVID vaccines for the world, prioritizing the countries that cannot afford them.




Why read Best Friends Never Give Up?

Mostly because it's a delightful story - there's friendship, disaster, a generous community, a wild goose chase and a last-minute rescue. And it really happened!​


Questions sprinkled throughout the book give children the opportunity to apply the story to their lives and to imagine alternative scenarios. ​

It's an emotional rollercoaster. There are numerous opportunities to explore emotions and think about others' perspectives with the children in your life. 

Continuing to read to children, even when they can read for themselves is a great idea. It builds listening skills and exposes children to words and ideas they may not have encountered before. 

Don't forget to check out the Activities for home and school page! If you draw pictures, create posters, write stories, and want to share them with Tia and Alayne, please tweet them to @TiaAlayne. We will enjoy looking at them. 

What People Say

I like the size of the book, it's not too big or too small... good story... you should publish it because it is exciting. 

Absolutely love this! You tell the story so well. I love the illustrations... Most of all I love the message of having hope which is especially relevant to everyone now. I'd give this book to anyone.

I loved it! I was happy at the start... and then in the middle part I felt sad... I loved that it had a happy ending. It's just an amazing book. It was so pretty... It was cool that it was based on a true story.

Great story writing!


Aged 7


Avid reader


Aged 9